Play games online: Best free game downloads and top time wasters

Playing thousands of free games, online games, and digital downloads is easy with the Windows operating system. From casual to social and massively multiplayer games, you can enjoy today’s best new titles and top online gaming sites.
The world’s top gaming platform, the Windows operating system (including the latest version, Windows 7) remains one of today’s best choices for computer games, from free online downloads to massively multiplayer virtual worlds.
Thanks to genre-defining Games for Windows titles, optimized for use with the free multiplayer online games service Games for Windows—LIVE, gamers have even more choices. Owners can also buy casual and bargain PC games online easily and affordably via Games for Windows Marketplace.
From car games to first-person shooters, Windows doesn’t just make it easier to install your favorite titles or to enjoy online computer gaming. It also offers instant access to today’s hottest advancements, including casual games, social games, and free-to-play outings.

Free online game sites

Thousands of games can be played or downloaded for free from web browsers likeInternet Explorer. Many can be enjoyed in just five minutes, making them perfect for coffee breaks. Others will keep you captivated for hours on end.
To start enjoying free sports games, action games, and more, including titles for both casual and hard-core gaming fans, just visit these sites:

Free massively multiplayer online games

Many virtual worlds and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games are completely free to play yet still compete with the best that retail games have to offer.
Several have optional in-game bonuses, power-ups, and items to buy if you want a time-saving boost, though value-minded shoppers needn’t spend a cent.
From fantasy to sci-fi, war, and even kids games, all offer a great way to play online alongside fellow gaming fans.

Top 10 social games

Playable on Facebook and other social networks, social games are free, intuitive, and accessible right from your web browser. One of gaming’s hottest new trends, they feature everyday topics from food to fashion, music, and art.
To get started playing, just create a social network account, sign in, and click some of these 10 top suggestions:

Best casual games downloads

Countless casual games for all ages, including board games, puzzle games, card games, and more, can quickly be downloaded to your computer.
Smash hits like Mystery Case Files and Diner Dash typically cost less than U.S.$20 and can be tried free for 60 minutes. Monthly subscriptions to sites like Big Fish Gamesand discount deals from publishers like Sandlot Games and PopCap also allow you to purchase titles for as little as $6.99.
To try some of the hundreds of great casual game downloads available for both kids and adults, be sure to visit Games for Windows Marketplace. Five top suggestions include:


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