Add a new user to your account

1.       On your Admin page, click on Users under Management on the left side of your screen.

2.       Now click on the New button and select User.

3.       Next enter the name, display name, and user name for the account you're creating.

4.       Optionally, you can add any of these Additional properties by clicking on the blue arrow to expand the entry fields list.

5.       When you are done, click on Next to review Settings.

6.       Leave Assign permissions set to No unless you want to grant this user administrator privileges. At minimum, you need to select a user location here and then click on Next to review Licenses.

7.       To provide the new user with access to e-mail, SharePoint and Lync, you must check the box next to Microsoft Office 365 Plan P1 to assign licenses. Here you can also provide users with access to Microsoft Office Professional Plus if you have purchased a subscription. Click on Next to assign a password.
8.       Here you can enter up to five e-mail addresses to send the new user's temporary password. By default, your e-mail address is prepopulated so that you will receive a copy to provide to the user. Add any additional e-mail addresses separated by semicolons (up to five recipients), make sure the Send e-mail box is checked, and click on Create. This will open a summary page confirming that the account was created and showing you the temporary password. 

Note: If you have a number of users to add, you can use the Bulk add users option. This will prompt you to download and populate a comma-separated values text file containing all your user data that you then upload and configure.

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